adoption or abandonment?


I'm currently 31 weeks and my SO and I are considering adoption since we aren't financially stable to raise a baby. I feel like I'm being selfish in wanting to keep the baby since I know there's a family out there that can give it a better life. I was laid off 2 weeks ago and I'm living off of unemployment and food stamps till I can find another job and my SO is taking as many hours at his job that he can. Is it wrong for me to still want to keep my child? We currently live with roommates and just signed a 14 month lease so we can't leave easily. I do know that adoption would be better for the baby yet I feel like I'm abandoning it. I never want my child to feel like I didn't want it in the future. Has anyone else had to go through this?


Thank you everyone for your kind words! After many tears and long conversations on if we can do this my SO and I decided to keep her! We expect baby Vivian Elizabeth to grace us with her presence the 21st of august!!