My Poor Husband

Erica • Pregnant with #1!
Since we got our BFP in May, my husband has been fantastic about taking care of me. He asks about how I'm feeling, offers help and advice. He's been sweeter to me than ever. He even reads more pregnancy books than I do! I just feel so bad about being sick in the evenings and not being able to really provide him dinner like I used to. He works all day and does yard work when he gets home, and he deserves a full meal! We're a bit old fashioned and I'm not working but part time right now so he's used to me being home to take care of food and cleaning. He hasn't complained yet, but he has promised to take over cleaning if I try my best to do the cooking. 
Has anyone found some way to still provide meals without getting sick? I seem to mainly get queasy in the evenings. We don't eat out or order in often because of budget and food allergies. I usually cook 2-3 meals a day for us. Should I ask for help from relatives? I just feel so useless!