Okay so me and husband are younger. We just got married a few months ago in march. Anyways when I found out I was pregnant in November we were originally gonna move in with his mom (his parents are divorced)..well him and his mom had a downfall and so we moved in with his dad and stepmom. His stepmom was explaining all these things that she would do better then his mom and gave us all these reasons why we wouldn't want to live with his mother (his stepmom hates his mothers guts basically and trash talks her). When we first moved in everything was fine but now it's seriously all going down hill. His stepmom treats us like she is better then us (and so does his dad). She has us on her food stamps yet there is barley any food in the house, she only buys things for her that she hides in her room or buys little snacks for her kids. We have to buy our own toilet paper and body wash and little stuff (which don't get me wrong I understand we need to do some things for ourselves since we are living in there house) but if we are out of something we are not allowed to borrow anything as simple as toilet paper or a towel if all the towels are dirty. I'm always doing my best to keep the room clean and our little part of the house clean. I'm 9 months pregnant cleaning and mopping the bathroom floors, shower and all this stuff which is fine  But things are getting out of hand. She is constantly complaining about petty things and she can't say anything to our face we always hear her "whispering" to my husbands father things. Back when I had my wedding and my mom came down to stay she made my mom feel as un-welcome as possible. Never offered her anything my mom bought lunch for us all and she never pitched a dime in. She told my mom at the wedding when we were in the reception hall "they need time alone you need to get out" which put my mom over the edge and she basically kicked my husbands mother OUT OF HER OWN SONS WEDDING by calling her a bitch and all this stuff and made her feel unwelcome. They never pitched a dime into our wedding. Living and being in this house has made me extremely depressed where all I do is lay in bed to stay away from all the drama and her. I don't like the way she treats her kids at all and I don't want my son to be around all the yelling and ways she punishes her kids. Especially when he's born and I'm having to live in this house. After talking to my mom today she thinks me and my husband should  move back in with his mom where there is less drama and where I don't have to live this way because it's only gonna get worse. My mom has no issue with my Husbands mother but she cannot stand his stepmother and she said she will not stay over here when she comes down when the baby is born because she doesn't want to be talked down to and taken advantage of by his stepmom like she was treated the last time. My mom said just the next time my husband and his mom have a disagreement like they did in the past to go to each other and talk it out. Just like my mom said..we are nothing but a finical and physical burden to them and that's what needs to be said if they ask why we are leaving . My husband talked on the phone today with his mom and they've resolved past issues here  they had. We are supposed to go over there tommrow and talk about living situations and to get them back on better terms. I know my husbands dads side of the family is gonna throw a fit about us moving to his moms since they don't like her and also his stepmom will but do they really have a say so?? We are married, my mom doesn't like me living over here, his parents have 50/50 custody of him, and we are expecting. Don't we have a choice of where we can live? I'm just really scared of what his dads family and his dad and stepmom are gonna say/do.