I want to move out!!

Hello ladies!! Good morning!! So my mom is very controlling! She doesn't let me go out or anything, she always wants me home or in the house by when the street lights come on. So now I never go outside or do anything because she never lets me do anything! I'm tired of this! We are leaving California later today after a vacation! However , I WANT TO STAY HERE!!! California is so beautiful!! We did a lot of sight seeing while here. It was fun! My mom says I'm 18 and I'm adult and by that I heard that when people are 18, parents can't really tell them what to do anymore but she  still controls me!! I know I'm not that grown yet but I'm old enough to make my own decisions! I want to move to California! I already told her when I'm 20 or 21 I'm moving to California but I maybe now want to try to get out earlier! I have a friend that lives out here but she is now a new mom and has her baby to take care of ! How would I go about this? Would it be easier to roomate ? Or find my own place? I just want to leave my moms house and get out of where we stay and have a fresh start somewhere else! I also want to start college out here. I go to a community college where I live. Her and I also argue a lot and fight! Please let me know how I should start going about this please!! Thanks