Rape: Innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent?

October Momma • 22 year old happily married mother of boy girl twins, Emma and Alden, born 10/11/17😊
So I've seen a lot of posts on social media about women alleging a man raped her and everyone is outraged that he can still attend the same school and go about his "normal" life while the accusations are being investigated. They want him suspended from school until charges are cleared and they are trashed all over social media during the investigation. By the time the results come in it doesn't matter whether or not they actually did commit the crime, their lives are already forever ruined by the accusations. THEIR LIFE BEING RUINED IS 200% JUSTIFIED IF THEY DID COMMIT THE CRIME. Do you agree we should start delving out punishments BEFORE it is proven that they did do it? Are you innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent? 
The reason I ask is I knew a girl in college who cheated on her bf and bragged about it. This went on for months. Tons of people knew about the affair and whether or not they approved they did keep their mouths shut. Her BF went to another school so he wasn't around to witness anything. Long story short the guy she cheated with professed his love to her, she rejected him because she wanted to stay with the bf who had better prospects, he got upset and ratted her out to the bf, she claimed he had raped her and it wasn't an affair. He was trashed on social media by those who didn't know him, he got suspended from school, and lost all his friends. I went to her once to talk to her and she said she wasn't willing to lose her bf over this guy and it's his fault for getting involved with her. Myself and other students testified that he didn't do it and he didn't get convicted but he lost everything. He was the nicest guy. She knew he didn't do it and she ruined his life anyways. I believe he works at a fast food restaurant now. Anyways, this is why the guilty until proven innocent thing bothers me so much. What are your thoughts? 

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