I've been on here for maybe 5 months or so now and I can't tell you how many teenagers (I'm talking as young as 13) I've seen on here talking about trying for a baby.😳 What's worse is there are people actually encouraging it! I'm 17 and had my son two years ago, he wasn't planned in any way, I was also on BC when I got pregnant. It's hard, and I really don't think all of these girls really realize how hard it is. I actually have a best friend who went and got pregnant just because I was pregnant and she wanted the attention I was getting (crazy I know!!) She thought it was all fun and games until the child was here and she realized how hard it was! Why not just wait? Also, I'm tired of hearing the "Well me and my boyfriend are so in love and we want a baby." That's another thing, people especially boys change after a baby. Me and my BD were SOOO I love and together for awhile when I found out I was pregnant, we broke up a little while after my son was born and he's never around. Things change and people change over time, JUST WAIT.