any tips on breast feeding and bottle feeding?

Looking for tips on how to get my son to like both (due in August). I hope to exclusively feed with my breast milk . A couple years ago I had a close experience babysitting a 3month baby that basically only directly fed from the breast from birth and when the mother went back to work, she wouldn't take the bottle. It was scary and heart breaking, she would literally drink like one ounce from the bottle and spit the nipple out and wait until her mother returned from work to get the breast. I've also heard this happen to a few other family members when going back to work. What is a good way to avoid this. I'm planning to go back to work at 6 months but before that my husband has already expressed his desire to feed the baby as well from birth for bonding. Then I also hear that it's best to breast feed directly for the first few weeks because it's better directly from the breast?? I am so confused!!  Looking for tips and personal experiences. I am a FTM with lots of experiences with babies and ZERO with breast feeding!