Thinking about taking a break after ttc for 7.5 months

Teneale • Never ttc again but we're ready for baby #2 😊
Am currently in the tww and am not feeling really positive about our chances this month, SO and I have only bd'd 5 days this whole month AND my fertile period changed half way through AND we started using preseed and SO is allergic to it!! So hasn't been the best month. I know I need to be positive but I'm preparing myself for af I'm due on either 29th or 31st of this month but I have irregular cycles so who knows. 
I like to try something different each moth just to see if it makes a difference and in thinking that if af comes, next cycle I'm going to stop "trying" I always thought I would never be one of those women but I'm feeling ok with the decision I'm concerned ttc has taken over my life. I've fixed up my diet and am back on track to be at a healthier weight so that's been an ok distraction, plus work is keeping me pretty distracted. Just need good news stories from anyone who's taken a break or wanting to know other people's thoughts. I'm 26 and SO is 28. Thanks for reading and baby dust 😊