Birth control & antibiotics

I recently had sex with my husband while on birth control (which I take daily, in the morning, however not exact same time in the morning) and on antibiotics. The antibiotic was Metronidazole 500mg - during this, we did not use a condom however he does pull out. According to glow, I had a 7.8 chance of pregnancy one day we had sex (multiple times, without him going to the restroom in between which I know some doctors say sperm can get stuck and then be in pre-cum) & then again another day but this being an 11% chance of pregnancy (all same circumstances as before) - while I a child wouldn't be planned, it wouldn't be a bad thing as well. Just not exactly our timing - I was just curious though of the odds of being pregnant if on the pill, his pull out method but on antibiotics! Thanks!