What's going on with my bbt???

Francesca • I`m 31 and We just had our 3rd baby! A boy after two girls! Lots of losses 😔 my first arrived at 28 weeks, after five years of trying, our second arrived at 34 weeks, and our third arrived at 34 weeks too! So blessed!
Ok, so I know I'm not pregnant as bd was wrong timing (hubby's shift pattern) combined with coming down with shingles (immune problems) on my O day so I've been on killer antibiotics, plus I've been a bit stressed! I used to temp before my mc in January and have only just started again this cycle but I've never had this before? My past O temps are always around 97.86 and this morning it was 98.5! I'm not ill, antibiotics finished two days ago, had a bit of a restless night but that's it? Temps always taken as soon as I wake up, always within an hour of each other every day and always before I lift my head off the pillow! Any ideas anyone? Posting flow chart and ff chart!