Haven't gotten my period since May 26, 2017.


I'm writing this to see advice from other people on this app. My last period was May 26-30. My period was then due on June 25. Nothing came. The app then pushed it to July 1 which I found odd considering that would leave me with no period for the month of June. I'm pretty regular for the most part. If I'm late it never goes past a week. This is very irregular for me. My husband and I have been actively trying for about 3 months now so getting pregnant wouldn't be a shocker for us. Although I don't believe I'm pregnant everyone around me believes differently. I have cramping in my abdomen which to me indicates my period is coming and my breasts are swollen as well. I need advice as to whether or not I should take a pregnancy test. I took one on June 29 and it came out negative. Should I take another one or just wait my period out?? HELP!