7 weeks!! No need for symptom spotting!


Everyone knows that those first 2 weeks after the big O day, are pretty intense. You're watching everything you body does, waiting for any little thing to happen so you can say "that's a symptom"!!

The short version of this discussion/post is, we definitely don't need to wait for those symptoms anymore!! I've had all day nausea, my breasts hurt so bad, I have sleep insomnia, vomiting, acid reflux, heat flashes, cold flashes, sore gums, and a huge variety of other aparent symptoms! There's no need to keep a close eye out for those symptoms at this point because they're very aparent!

I guess a big topic right now would be, how many of you are experiencing the food aversions or cravings? I am actually surprised by mine, the # of things I crave are much higher than the # of things that make me nauseas, by far!

What are some things that you are craving right now?

Mine are:

* White gravy with a little pepper (on everything)

* Fresh/home grown tomatoes

* Theatre Popcorn

* Red ripe strawberries

* Steak


* Watermelon

* Kiwi

* Soup (of all kinds)

* Oranges

* Dessert(s)- not normally my thing

* Cheeseball

* Fudgesicles

* Seasoned Curly fries


The list goes on and on.. right now, there's really only a few things that make me feel queezy

; Bacon, raw meat, potatoes, certain noodles, and steamed brocolli.

I'm sure there might be a few more soon but those are the main ones right now. I'm actually very excited at this point because I know it won't be very much longer until I get to go hear my babies heartbeat. I know some mothers choose to go to the doctor and have US done as soon as they find out they're expecting but I have no reason to. I've kept up with my cycles, I know my ovulation days, I know the first day of my last missed period and I also know when I first started testing positive so that information should be enough for a while to provide my doctors office with, I definitely will be going to the doctor soon but I'll set an appointment for a regular prenatal check up.

I don't feel comfortable getting an US until I'm 25 weeks atleast. I know the things I've read really make me question having one at all and my guard is definitely up!

Anyway, I just really want to hear some other people's symptoms at this point, some food aversions, some cravings and whatever other random facts you'd like to share about your 7 week mark! Please share with me because I could definitely use the distraction!!

Congrats on your sweet little blueberries!!!