So I am 24 going on 25 next month, a Associates and bachelors in business administration, an okay just (it pays the bills) and a cool support system. The father of my child is 25 and he was okay until like a week after I told him I was pregnant. Things went from him calling or texting me everyday not even knowing he is alive. Now fast forward to about 12 weeks (currently 16 weeks) and I can only contact him on social media, he supposedly has a girl friend now, and doesn't want to be a dead beat but won't talk about this child that WE conceived together as if I did this alone. My best friend always ask me if we have spoken and the same answer is NO, it's super easy to say it now because I will not force anybody to be in my and my child life. She also asked who I wanted in the room when I deliver and immediately I said my mother and her because they have both been there since I found out. What I don't understand is that I'm scared myself but I don't have the space or opportunity to back out and act like nothing ever happened, I have to put on my big girl panties and like I said I'll always be mommy I can't worry about his or others non sense. One thing that he said to me that still pisses me off til this day is, "you only want this baby because you don't want to be left out by your friends." 😡😡😡 I have never in my life heard something so heartless comping from somebody who was supposed to care. Also reminding you that my best friend (who is the baby God mom) takes me to ALL my appointments. I feel like even if he shows up to the hospital he can wait in the waiting room because I don't need negative energy around me at all.