I lost my virginity when I was 13 with a boy that was 17. I met this guy and I thought I loved him. But those feelings were slowly ending. He wanted me to sneak out, and so I did with him giving me these wine coolers. We were on his couch with his mom and brother sleeping in the back room. The couch was horizontal to the tv so I had to sit in his lap in order to watch it, and then he started touching me. I liked it, yes. He told me to take my pants off. I did, and in the process of him fingering me, he had sex with me. It wasn't painful like people said. But it wasn't enjoyable. I didn't care for it. The next night. I did the same thing, but I we weren't intoxicated that time. I wanted to make sure I actually didn't like it, and I didn't. After that second night I got caught sneaking in and our relationship was over. That was the best thing my parents ever did for me. To this day we talk and he says he loves me still, but I'll never go back. I'm 16 now, and sex is something I want to wait to get to again for a very long time. He just ruined it for me. I feel disgusted with myself after that, and I am ashamed. My sister knows I lost my virginity young and calls me a slut, hoe, all that names. But I'm not, I made a mistake at a young age. If God can forgive me and I learned to forgive myself. I'll be okay in the end.