Do you drink enough water?

Did you know medical experts no longer use the 8 8oz glasses a day rule? 
You should be drinking .5 - 1oz of water for every pound you weigh. That breaks down to if you weigh 150lbs drink 75-150oz (9.4- 18.75 cups), if you weigh 200lbs drink 100-200oz (12.5-25 cups), and if you weigh 250 drink 125-250oz (15.6-31 cups) a day!
Consider the lower number your base amount, and increase as necessary if you are excercising, in a very hot climate, or are sweating profusely.
Also to avoid to much water, if you are going above your base number add a teaspoon of sea salt to one of your glasses of water to replenish electrolytes and avoid hyponatremia.
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