"Could I Be Pregnant" Posts

Anyone who uses the Glow app to track their fertility (whether trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy) knows that there is NEVER a zero percent chance of getting pregnant on any given day. In addition to that, there are no birth control methods out there that are 100% effective. What this means is that if you have sex, no matter when it is during your cycle or what type of birth control you used, there will ALWAYS be a chance that you'll get pregnant. 
I'm so frustrated by the posts that I keep seeing that are saying things like, "I had unprotected sex, could I be preggo??" Seriously?? Guess what, I have NEVER had a pregnancy scare. Never. My reason is simple - I was abstinate until I got married. Yes, there were times after marriage that we weren't ready for kids and I thought I might be pregnant, but at least I was an adult and had a supportive husband, and it would have all been ok.  In fact, I'm 7 weeks pregnant right now, and it was a complete accident! We already have a 5-year-old, and we had pretty much decided that we were done, so I used Glow to track my fertile days for avoidance purposes, and we were very careful. But it still happened. As it turns out, we are overjoyed!! Even though it was not planned, I know that everything will be just fine with bringing this baby into the world, because I was responsible enough to not let it happen outside of marriage.
I'm not saying you have to be married to have kids. Not everyone shares my values in that area, and that's ok. What I AM saying is that if you're 15, 16, 17 years old - you should NOT be doing things that could result in bringing a child into the world! If you KNOW that you aren't ready or capable of caring for a baby, be responsible and MAKE SURE that it's not going to happen! Sex is great, but I'm living proof that you can survive without it for a while and that you can have a great relationship with a guy without having to put out.
I know I'll get all sorts of negative comments, but I just couldn't leave this unsaid. People need to take responsibility for their actions.