Epidural problem!

So I asked for the epidural , and came out it didn't worked on me... 
I felt the whole thing ... Supposly you be numb and it's help with the pain and not completely goes away but for me it didn't numb my legs and I was for sure it didn't help! 
I push so hard that every blood vessel  on my face and chest popped! My eyes popped! I look like a zombie! 
Omfg! This is my third . My first I had him natural but I rememebr it wasn't that bad...my third natural too... But it was quick ...but this one, I had an epidural but shit! I swear this is my last baby!!! No more baby for me! I'm scared for life lol! 
I love him so much already! Couldn't even put him down :) my little 👑🐯