5 week old

Shelby • 25 Years of Age, Due with my princess in June, Loss Of 3
She eats a 4 oz bottle of enfamil gentleease every 2 hours. My grandma came today and she has been so fussy and seeming unsatisfied and still hungry so I feed her she's been eating every hour which I know babies can cluster feed at this stage well In order to get her to sleep at night my grandma bought enfamil ar which has rice to feed her with at night to keep her full a little longer. My question is do I make it like a regular 4 oz bottle since its thicker or do I make it 2 oz instead. I don't want to hurt my daughter but I want to sleep and her not go hungry constantly. She will be 5 weeks tomorrow should I i be feeding her more than 4 oz I don't want to over feed her and make her sick either and do babies keep eating even if they are full or will they stop when they are? Ftm mom here