Would love your help with a college paper. Very easy answers


I'm going to give you a scenario, and all I need you do it is tell me, specifically, what you chose and why. I posted here because most of the Glow community is female, so if you're male please state that.


We're in a open, unpopulated area outdoors. It's a nice day, great weather, perfect temperature. Quite. Just you and me.

There's a pig, a dog, a adult human, and a toddler in front of us. Minding their own business.

I hand you a gun, you take it. "Choose only one", I say. Then I walk away.

Personal hint** Mind you, there's no one around to know what's happening, and no one would ever know.

What would you choose? Why specifically do you choose that?

Also, this is a fairly unpleasant idea, but it was the best of the three given by my professor, so I apologize for that.