Tax & EBT question

Okay, so don't judge me please.

I totaled my car in the beginning of my pregnancy, and as a result I struggled to get to and from my job. We live in a small town with no taxi or public transit systems, and the only people I could ask for rides work as well. My workplace worked with me as much as they could but eventually they let me go as they couldn't keep scheduling everyone around when I could and could not get a ride. So I filed for EBT to help my family out with groceries since I wasn't bringing in actual money to contribute to bills anymore.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I moved in together and our daughter is due next month. I've not went and made changes to my living situation on my EBT yet because they were closed most of last week, and we wanted to try and figure out how we would make it without it. There is no way we can make it without my EBT unless I have a job, and I can't get a job until I have a vehicle to make it to and from work. We can't get a vehicle until our tax returns come in. I feel like shit enough as it is having EBT at all, but I feel even worse that I've not filed for life change yet, but they will take them away if I do where my boyfriend has a 2014 vehicle. He works full time as a C.O. but after all of our bills we don't have enough for a months supply of food. My benefits aren't even enough for a full month either but they help us tremendously.

So my question is, when he files his taxes, can he claim me as well as our daughter? How will that effect my EBT benefits?