Opinions please??


Sorry this is going to be long...

I am the mother of a 5yo and 4yo. When I got pregnant in 2008 with my oldest it was a shock! I had always had very irregular periods, had been on and off BC since I was 15 and just didn't think it was going to happen for me. So I was shocked when my at the time Bf of three months told me the test was positive. Honestly I threw it in the trash after the CL came up and the test line didn't. He went back and checked it. Fast forward I got on the pill again after having my daughter and was very forgetful so I stopped after 5 months of taking it. By the time my daughter was 7 months I was already pregnant and had known I was preggers I could feel it. Well after I had my 2nd I decided I was too forgetful with pills and was worried about implantations so I did Depo Provera. I had two shots and then we had decided we were going to try one last time. Fast forward 3 years nothing and still no pregnancy... which was probably a blessing in its own way. I had thought it was honestly him and thought maybe it was his age he was older than me.

But now fast forward to the present and I'm now married to a different man. My husband and I have been TTC at first just regular no protection no tracking nothing. The last 3 months I've been tracking and tried a few ovulation tests. I have children and he has a child. So what's going on? We are both in our mid 20s and I feel like giving up but just don't understand has anyone else had a similar experience? Is there hope? I know it my husband and I haven't been trying for too long but I honestly feel hopeless.