Birthing classes?

Desiree • CA • NC. RH neg. married. Momma to a almost three year old.
Did/do you ladies do any birthing classes? What ones did you try? I have no idea there were so many kinds! Also can you give me the details on them? A lot of the ones I found are 4-5 hours long, ranging from 3-12 weeks every night. I want to do them. But I want my husband there for one, and he's in the military. he can't really commit to something that long because he often has duty, and doesn't have a "set time" he gets off. We also only have our one car, and my husband always needs it when he's at work. Is there anything else a little more flexible you ladies tried to help you prepare for birth? I'm honestly just so nervous! I'm a first time mom and I have no idea what to expect. Almost all of the women in my family had cesareans. And the ones that didn't said that their water broke and their children came 15-20 minutes later. I'm an hour away from my hospital!