Craigslist woman...


A pregnant lady responding to an ad for baby clothes in Colorado was stabbed when she went to purchase the clothes. When she got there she was stabbed and her baby was cut out of her womb. She was recently released from the hospital however the baby did not survive.

The woman who did this is not facing murder charges. The state of Colorado does not consider a fetus to be a person unless it is capable of surviving outside the womb for an undetermined period of time.

I'm curious as to what everyone thinks on this topic. Is this woman getting what she deserves or should she be faced with full murder charges?

Personally I believe that since she was far enough long to consider the fact that a hospital would do everything they could to help that baby survive and that the baby would have had a likely chance, the woman who did this should be put bring bars for life. Full murder charges should be brought down on her a day she should pay for what she did to the fullest extent of the law.