So my fiance has only bought 5 packs of wipes for our daughter. While me and my mom have bought all of the onesies she has, her pacifiers, etc. We don't live together yet because I'm only 17 and my dad won't let him move in yet. He works 40+ hours a week and makes over $400-500 a week and gets paid weekly. But he still has yet to buy anything for our daughter who is due in less than 10 weeks. He keeps saying somebody is supposed to give us a free bassinet because their kids grew out of it but I've yet to see that bassinet when hes been telling me not to buy one for the past 2 months even tho we need one. In my state once upon a child is doing a sale this saturday. 20 onesies for $10. I told him he should go to it to get some more onesies for her and his response was "I have to work" like you don't have to work all damn day. You'll work until probably 11am and that's it. He thinks we still have a lot of time left to buy baby stuff when in reality we don't. Sorry for the rant. I just needed to get that off my chest about him. Has anybody else gone through this?