Social media and ex girlfriends


So, I know it sounds childish and I am sorry about that, but my boyfriend's ex still has his whole family on her Facebook and keeps liking their photos and posts. My boyfriend does not have her added, but he is traveling and she just liked a picture of him that his mother posted and that got me a little pissed.

It has been 5 years they broke up and four and a half we are together. At the beginning they still talked to each other and then they decided to move on. Still, I fell like she wants to be present just to be always present (I honestly hasn't figured it out why, but I guess it could be an ego thing).

It is weird because she doesn't talk to anyone anymore and hasn't since they broke up, so I can't say they are friends. I don't say anything and never had, but I think it is so disrespectful her behavior :( Just wish she could let them go :(((

Am I overthinking that? Is that normal?