Hi ladies. I would love some help finding a bassinet. I registered for and received the bassinet pictured below, but after opening it and setting it up I really don't think I like it. It's a travel fold-up kind, so the mattress has a split down the middle, and it really doesn't seem to lay flat at all. I'm looking for something of a similar size/style but not fold up. I'm finding that the market for bassinets seems a bit limited. At first I didn't put too much thought into it because I didn't want our son in our room for too long, but now since the recommendation is 6 months I'll probably do that and I think I need something a little more substantial. 
I like the Halo but it's a bit expensive.. if that's all there is I will probably end up doing that. I just want something on the smaller size that will lay perfectly flat and be easy to get my baby in and out of. The other option would be to disassemble the crib and then build it back up in our room, which we could do. Opinions and recommendations from anyone would be great! Thank you so much.