Clearly my "sex drive" has kicked in


These last two days I have been horny as fuckkk. Of course I haven't told my husband that. I know he freaks out because of baby but tonight I'm going to have to take control and get me some😝 I like waiting until he falls to sleep to start giving him a blow job. He loves that shit. Then it just gets crazy from there. I'm almost 22 weeks and honestly as horny as I am, I have to admit I'm a little nervous also. So.... how safe is it at 22 weeks to just do whatever I please when I feel like it? I want to start spicing things the fuck up like... a lot.

I'm not a sex person, until I got pregnant and man do I want to explore all kinds of things. I want to buy toys, I want to get real sexually with my husband. HELP! Please tell me this is all safe cause once husband comes home, I wanna get this show on the road😩😝