I asked him to go to the store to get condoms so we could do our thing or whatever and he said no. I want a kid so I decided to go because I was supper horny and couldn't handle it anymore so I went and got them and turns out when I get back he's not there so I call him and he said I left I have to work so I said ok and then he came back a hour latter and he said they said I could come home early so in my head I just want him because I was horny and I said ok. Then we went to the bedroom got undressed and he put the condom on and stuff and man it felt so good that we didn't stop until 6hours later and then he gets a call from his Job saying they need him in so u know we kissed and then that lead to other things so we had it again all night. It was one of my best nights. Next day I took a pregnancy test and I wasn't pregnant. We want a kid so we tried again and I was finally prego I was so happy but then I wanted more and more sex because it was so good and relaxing and then my mom comes while we are doing it and comes in our bedroom and sees it. Oh lord it was horrible but since I'm prego now its like I'm always horny and I'm always talking about sex but oh boy I'm not letting him go because his balls puts me inf my spot!