Should Bullying Be Taken More Seriously?

Jacqueline • Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degree Holder 🎓3.97 GPA🤓Certified Debater🗣Mommy Of One☝🏽

I watched this Netflix show about Olga Hepnarová. She was a mass murderer in Czechoslovakia who was looking for hospitals to “cure” her of a being a lesbian and was said to be a victim of bullying. She also had schizophrenia. She ended up ramming a truck into a crowd of people in the 1970’s, injuring 20 and killing 8. She claimed that she wanted the death penalty and didn’t want sympathy because of her mental illness. But she also wanted to make a statement about bullying and that this should be an example of why it should be taken seriously. What do you think? I have a few questions for you all. 1. Should it be taken more seriously? 2. While I don’t agree with the taking the lives of others, is there something to learn here? 3. Should her mental illness have been taken more into consideration regardless of what she wanted at that time? It’s a great movie and I recommend it to anybody interested in it.

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