Not fair.


Well it seems that my husband is the problem. So he is currently taking Chinese herbs. Guess we'll have to wait and see. We've been ttc for 4 years, decided to get help. Our goal is to have a 2016 baby at this point.

I'm so pissed off. He is all about health and fitness, is a vegetarian and we found soy is a big no no. So time to adjust diet. My best friend is due in a couple of weeks, my cousin is fertile myrtle, my sis in law is also fertile myrtle and my cousin who isn't even in a relationship or has stability just had a kid. So why the hell does it have to be so hard? Why can't it be easy for us, who did things right, got married, bought a home , are stable. Why are we getting the short end? My mom still asks me despite me telling her to stop as its hurtful, and I know what we need to go do as the next step. But at this point, I've lost my faith and I don't want to hear about he has a plan or any of that. I just. want. A baby. I want to be pregnant, our own flesh and blood. Is that too much to ask for?