Can i use breastpump to naturally induce labor?

Hi,im currently 39w4d and my edd is this sun which its april 5.I went to my ob appt 2 days ago and im only 1 cm dilated.She also said that by next tues i will be 40w2d and my baby isnt born yet then she's going to schedule for in induction.
Both baby and i are fine with no medical or what so ever so idk why she would want to induce me next week.Anyways i tried everything but still nothing seem to work.I ate/juice fresh pineapple,bouncing on birthing ball,walk,sex,drink raspberry leaf tea but nothing seem to work.I heard you can use breastpump to stimulate your nipples for naturally inducing and i also heard the first milk that came out of your breast is called colotrum or something,its very good for the baby.Idk what to do,should i start pumping my breast to induce labor or not.Im so scared of those medical induction cause i heard first of all it hurts more than giving birth naturally and sometimes the med doesnt work and u will end up getting a csection :(