Help-cat problem

So a bit of backstory:
I'm not a huge cat fan, but my husband loves them for whatever his reason. He had two when I met him, which eventually became my problem too. They're fine, I don't hate them. 
He decided to adopt another one when we were living together, this cat is named milo and he's terrible. He always has been.
Long story short, we now have 4 animals. His 3 cats, my dog. We just bought a new house which is relatively small. 4 animals is too much, especially now that I'm pregnant. However, that is not the real issue.
The cat, milo, is awful. He attacks our other cats constantly. Like jumping on them and biting them. I have to pick him up by his neck scruff to get him to stop, and 2 seconds later he's back at it. If we try and touch him, he bites and scratches-not good for a pregnant lady. He gets into all our food no matter where we put it. I put pizza on top of our fridge to cool today, I found him eating it. I'm worried about toxiplasmosis and I can't deal with a cat constantly in our food.
If we try and put him outside, he yells all night and when we try and get him to come in, hides. So outside isn't an option.
I'm at my wits end, I have had violent thoughts towards the cat so I know we have to get rid of him.
No one will take the cat if we're honest about him, so what should I do? At this point he's a terror as well as a health issue and I'm so stressed by this I can hardly deal.