Ankle injury yesterday at 10 weeks, sorry so long just need to vent and someone to talk to!

Katie • 25 years old. Me and my fiancé have a almost 3 year old and TTC #2!!

So yesterday I was walking from the bathroom back to my office; I work in a doctors office. And all of the sudden my ankle rolled and I caught myself on the wall and slid down it to sit. I heard a crack/snap. My ankle swelled instantly. I had an injury like this in 2010, but my ligament stretched and I had to have surgery to shorten it. Well, the work clinic doctor didn't want to do xrays or anything since I'm pregnant but she's confident I actually snapped the ligament this time. My little peanut is perfectly fine. Since I just leaned on the wall and didn't fall they told me to keep an eye out for signs if mc. At 10 weeks the baby is protected really well and even if I had fallen into my stomach there isn't a super huge worry. This is horrible I am on anything walking boot but can't put in pressure on my foot. I am on crutches. My manger told me to stay home today and rest because I would be strictly desk work and I had patients today, but under strict orders to not walk. I'm stuck in my apartment because I live in the 3rd floor. Sigh.

I am just glad my baby is okay. But since I am pregnant there is probably not much they can do at all. :(

That's my ankle today, please ignore my legs hahaha. We moved and I lost my razor!