Need advice. Please help😘

My boyfriend and I were in a happy and committed relationship for 5 years. He wasn't sure what he wanted to study, so instead he went out and got a job that pays him pretty well until he knows for sure where his life is headed and what degree he'd like to do. About 6 months ago his mom started calling him a failure, and a this and that, and an embarrassment of a child, and what did she do to deserve a kid like this. 
He was always content, but after hearing these things EVERYDAY he started to believe it. 
In turn, he's completely lost himself 😔 doesn't know where he's headed and his whole personality just changed so he became different with me. 
We both are still so madly in love with one another but he says "he needs to be alone for a while to find himself, only he can do it, if it's meant to be, our paths will cross again". 
Thing is, in the last 6 months I've been the only one to help and support him, and it's killing me to know he's feeling this way and im unable to help him now because he kinda just blocked me out. I know he is my forever guy, just not being able to be together right now because it's not the right time for us is kinda what kills the most. 
Anyone have any advice or just some words of comfort?