My ER visit last night

So I'm 8wks 5day today. I went to the ER about 7:30pm yesterday because I had some blood when I wiped and had abdominal pain earlier in the day. Turns out I have subchorionic hemorrage, the baby measured at 6wks 2day with a heartbeat of 126. I'm confused on that because that means that when I went to the ER March 8th and they did a urine pregnancy test, which was a strong positive, I would have only been 2wks and 3days and that is not possible to get a strong positive urine test that early. I'm concerned about that bit also the hemorrage, the ER doctor didn't tell me if I should rest or just act like nothing os wrong and do mu normal activities. I'm worried because I already have a lot going against me being im type 2 diabetic and jave hbp.