Should I stay???

Mara • 19. Canadian. Not trying to conceive at this time.

I will try to keep this brief but I am in dire need of some advice.

Been with my boyfriend 8 months now and right from the beginning he promised that his past would stay in his past and that he wasn't the same person that he used to be. No longer aggressive, quick to anger, no longer getting into fights, no more one night stands. He was settled down wanting commitment and to eventually marry and start a family.

So I find out yesterday that the night previous he was arrested for beating someone up. And as per his son who was home at the time and the neighbours he beat this person up VERY badly. I do not know why the fight started or who started it but now my boyfriend is in jail awaiting for the court to determine his bail. And the other guy (who is his sisters husband) is in critical condition in the hospital with 5 broken ribs, displaced retina in both eyes, collapsed lung, 4 broken teeth, broken jaw, and swelling.

I'm so upset with him for hurting someone so badly especially who is his brother in law. I'm also upset because he promised me that he had changed and wasn't aggressive like this anymore.

I refuse to see him in jail. This may sound harsh but I'm done. I don't feel safe anymore. I can now no longer see myself having a future with a guy who can snap so quickly and put a man in the hospital. I'm terrified of him. I haven't spoken to him at all, and don't plan on visiting him, but my heart is telling me to just leave his life and go my separate way.

Am I wrong for feeling this way???