Who takes depo shots for their periods?

Melissa • My name is Melissa. I have multiple sclerosis and I take it day by day.
I get one shot every 3 months. I take it for periods and not birth control. I got one in January and a second on here just in April and now I get to take a 3rd one in June. So every 3 months. 1st shot I got no period for the whole month in January then of course got my period in February and then March I was on it and it seems like I was on it the last 2 weeks of the month. So I just took it here on April 1st and the next day I spotted 1 or 2 but the next day no period. So still no period and I'm hoping for the rest of the month. I was having an irregular period and the Dr said if it kept continuing after the second shot then call the Dr so luckily I'm not having the problem. For those who are on depo shots, how often do you get yours? Has it been helping you?