Little frustrated


Hello ladies,

I am little overwhelmed after 3 months on metmorphin + femara + shots...AF showed her ugly face today. 😭

I just feel like there is too much going on around me and I am losing my crap.

All the negatives and losing hope all the time. Plus the house hunting process was fun when we started and now i can't wait to get over with it. Me and DH are both stubborn and picky so that doesn't help 🙄

We have a cross cultural marriage ( I am Indian and DH is as white as they come in lol. Mostly it's great but at times I just give him the death glare. Between family/work/home and house hunting I feel like I am losing my mind. 😩😞

I feel so overwhelmed and aggravated all the time.

Just tired overall.

Ok now I think I can go to bed! 😴🤐

I usually don't post much but today I am having one of those days.

No negative comments please.