Very sensitive husband

I'm unable to work recently due to some healthy issues with pregnancy. My husband has become very stressed and ultra sensitive about things. I mentioned that I'm a few years when our baby will be egg hunting it will be so fun. His response was, we don't have a lot of places to hide them in this yard. I asked if et thought we would be in this home on 3-4 years. He lost his shit, yelling that he is doing the best he can! He's done this a lot lately when I say anything regarding our expected daughter. That I can't wait to have Christmas and gifts to buy when our baby will appreciate them. He is excited for this baby, but seems to be very tense lately. I know I'm not working and we are by no means rich. But, shit! He is stealing any happiness I have. He is the man, and not to say it's his job to provide for us, but it's not my fault I can't work. And how much worse will he get? I don't plan on working for a while after the baby is here. Please don't be rude. He loves me and our kid. I think he is just taking on lots of stress and not properly voicing it, rather yelling it in tantrums. Any suggestions? How
Did you husband handle the stress of a first baby coming?