Is this rude or am I reading too much into it?

The Grinch • Mama to Owen. Ex-Amish. Holiday Cheermeister. 💙

I have been debating with myself over posting this here or not. I didn't want to make an Amish post but I feel like I need other opinions on this. So I joined a volleyball team just to pass time and everything was fine so today we were taking pictures and when I arrived the team captain asked me where my black bonnet was. I stated that I no longer have the black bonnet that I would wear around the house as I felt like I didn't need it. However, I kept my black covering that went over my bonnet when I went out in public and to church. She asked then if I had a white one and I said that I never did because I wasn't married. She then asked if I could wear the black covering in the picture (mind you I don't carry this around with me, I just have it at the house) so I proceeded to tell her that I didn't have the covering with me and she refused to allow me to be in the picture saying that it was a dress code (though nobody else had black coverings) and so I just went home without being in the picture. Was it wrong of me to not wear the covering or was she being rude? I feel like it isn't a big deal and maybe I should apologize but at the same time I don't know why I should have to wear the covering.

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