What would cause infected hairs overnight? TMI NO PIC

I took a shower last night about a hour before I went to bed, and used everything I usually do. I just got over a yeast infection, and didn't have a reaction to the medicine but when I woke up this morning I notice I was feeling "uncomfortable" down there. I reached down and felt where I was feeling and had all these little bumps but when I looked it's right where my hair roots are on every single bump. I know for a fact they are infected hairs but I don't understand how I got so many of them over night? Can a new detergent used on underwear do this? I'm sorry to give so much information but it's easier to ask other women about this instead of going to a doctor and just showing my who-ha to whoever walks in, I understand you guys don't know my body and ultimately the smart thing would be to go to the doctor but since I know they are infected hairs I figured I'd just ask for opinions. Is there a way to help infected hairs? Thanks for your help in advance :)