Question: So many tests! Anyone refusing?

Hi all,
So I have a severe needle phobia because of a seizure that I had in the fifth grade that left me traumatized. Every time that I have to deal with a needle, I turn ghost white, my blood pressure drops, and I throw up everything in my stomache. I've tried everything -- looking away, closing my eyes, listening to music, distracting myself in conversation with doctors, etc. But it's all in my head and I know that. 
Of course now that I am pregnant I know a lot of testing is coming up, and I want to make sure that I do everything that is needed. However, I hear that there are some tests that are really just informational and depending on results, doctors couldn't do anything anyway. Specifically im thinking of the Down syndrome testing. Gestational diabetes testing. Etc. I just want to limit my needle sticking because I know the physical symptoms that come after, and I don't know if things like drop of blood pressure can harm my little peanut. At the same time, I feel like if I refuse a test that isn't completely necessary I will be looked at as irresponsible. 
Any of you other ladies going through something similar?  Believe it or not I'm more nervous about the testings than child birth at this point. I'm pretty sure my motherly instinct will take over all my fears of needles when it comes to getting this little baby out!
Thx ladies. ❤️