confused... need some clarity/what do I do?!

so I've known this guy for a few years but we didn't start "talking" until three months ago. we've hung out three times since we started "talking" & we've fooled around every time, the last time we hung out we even had sex. the thing is, before the second time we hung out in the last few months, he asked me to be his girlfriend over text. I said I'd only say yes if asked in person, because you know, we're not twelve. so then the next time we hung out, I went in expecting him to ask me & he didn't. later that same night after we hung out we were texting & he said that he was so caught up in the moment with me that he forgot to ask me (I didn't bring up the topic of it at all, it was him). so then I thought I'd ask me the third time, & still no. we even talked about how we like each other very much last time we hung out (which was March 27th btw) but still nothing... I'm just very confused now.