Am I awful?!? Sorry it's so long

Ok so I'm almost 11 weeks pregnant with number 3... We have told my parents and our church (normally wait till 2nd trimester but showing earlier so I cants)
My husbands family lives far away we haven't seen them since new year my husband said we should call and tell them but I really don't wanna I'm fine with waiting till we see them next lol which is no definite date prob this summer when we decide to travel with two young girls 5 hours which will take 8 to there 2 bedroom house where they don't use air and when they do its set on 80 and we sleep in living room because his brother who is 23 and still lives at home can't sleep on the couch cuZ it gives him a back ache.... So we sleep on couch and oldest 21/2 sleeps on sleeping bag 1/12 yr old sleeps in playpen we bring.... Which would be not a big deal if they didn't get up at 5am! Even when we travel till almost 12am to get there and then still have to get girls to sleep after they hype them up till 1am....
Might I  add we actually have a extra house that they can stay in if they come out way....and his job is tuning piano so he sets his own schedule!
Ok so rant over the reason I'm hesitant to tell them is this is our 3rd child all were planned! When we told them we were pregnant with number 2 and even after she was born they asked questios like
"You know what causes that" and then even after she was born his mom had the adacity to tell him "they made these things he could use if I wasn't taking my pill called condems to protect from pregnancy"
I hate the negativity they put on such a blessing in our life. I hate that they disapprove on our decisions. It's not like we are young and dumb might I add.
I'm not 16 and we didn't get pregnant early. I'm 26 we respected there wishes and finished college with our bachlors degrees before we got married my husband has a good job we have a house 2 cars ect.
Is it awful for me to ask my husband to wait a little longer to tell them maybe even 20 weeks? Please be honest if you think I'm being selfish! I know my husband will respect and do what I ask he always respects me and even defends me to his parents!