Painkillers while TTC

So I bruised my sternum pretty badly at a concert the other night and every time I move it hurts, so I need a bit of numbing when I'm at work... if it was up to me I'd have gone and grabbed some Kratom but the bf had a fit over it and is refusing to let me buy any... so I'm down to these 3

Tylenol... extra strength with caffeine... doesn't work at at, if anything it just gives me a little caffeine kick

I don't have any advil.. but I hear it was good for musculoskeletal pain? If anyone's tried it for something like this... did it work good? I've cracked my tail bone before and the doctor recommended advil (that time I just took 400 mg kratom powder and that was it)

Naproxen? I have some which I've usually just taken for severe cramps/ migraines... can I take it if I'm TTC and not pregnant yet? I read somewhere it's bad for pregnant ladies...

Comments? Opinions? Suggestions?

Right now I'm taking advil and rubbing heating gel (A535) it still hurts when I move

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