Iris Melanie Tan born 3/23/15 via scheduled c-section

Jarinil • So in love with my baby Iris ☺️💕- born 3/23/15
Our sweet first born arrived two weeks ago by scheduled c-section because she was in an awkward incomplete breech position with one leg curled under and the other up by her face...😑 I had done so much to flip her while I was pregnant but in the end she was one of those rare few that just decide to stay head up for no reason 😬 I thought the c-section was a breeze and the operating surgeon said I did so well that I could get a VBAC the next time. I was lucky that my c-section was scheduled so it went smooth instead of having to go through hours and hours of labor and then have an emergency c-section. I am sorry for those that went through that 😔 I would have rather had her vaginally but either way it is not by choice. 
Recovery went pretty well too as I stopped feeling much pain and taking my meds a week after I was released from the hospital. My incision site feels strange and numb if I touch it lightly but hurts when my baby kicks me there lol...
It felt surreal to go to an "appointment" to have my baby taken out of me...but when I first heard her cry it was still the most amazing moment of my life :')
Here is her first picture 😂🌸
And here she is now two weeks later! Always so angry looking 😅