Fake Boyfriend we are new parents and I can't do it anymore

My bf and I just had our first baby on Nov. 7, 2015... We just got a house (rented) singed a yr lease together...(we've lived together for the last 2 yrs) sorry I'm a wreck and may go back and forth... 
He has bit of a anger problem, and thinks he can disrespect me and call me names for stuff I did days before? He uses excuses like that? Everything he does he has a excuse... Things weren't the best before getting a house. But we need a house BC we each have dogs that both of our mothers have had since our Hayden, our baby! (Pathetic! I know) we got a house, well he also got a new job this year, His new job is making him leave two seperate weeks out of the month but whole weeks.... Let me just say some things, (I work mon-thur 38 hrs) our babysitter Monday and Tue I have to pick up and drop off.... Then pick up wed and thurs am and pm...  When he's gone @ work, away for the week he always will be so angry an mean towards me? He won't even tell me when he's off, he will go MIA all night until the next morning? And say he passed out from being so tired from working... I don't even know if he made it to a hotel.... He shows no appreciation me
Busting my ass over here while he gets to do whatever after work!!! Like I wanna be happy.. It's sad waking up to him, for some reason everything always is my fault?... On top of this his daughter is 5months and he has not spent no
More than 2 days alone w/ her without ponding her off. He won't even help me change her or feed her unless I make him? Or we fight about it? He helps pay for some things but money has been a issue and he tells me I wanna use him? Lol when it's for my daughter? I get the hint, he's doing everthing for me to call it quits!. Which sucks BC I want us and I have tried my hardest talking things out with him. He always picks the casino, his street bike, basketball, or softball over us his "family".... It makes me angry and talk shit to him BC I want Hayden to have a relationship with her daddy, I never did. And he's breaking my heart acting like she's a problem to him... Then yesterday he was making comments about using me to just make sure she's under her roof? I am ready to leave but he tells me what I wanna hear, I live a fairytale about him and lie to myself 💔 breaks my heart!!!! My only problem is I signed a yr lease with him, I can't go sign another lease and owe for this one if he leaves too?. Idk what to do.