I'm 24 weeks pregnant, and have recently found out there's a girl who is 11 weeks pregnant and the possibility that the father of my child is the father of hers is pretty high. In my moment of anger I stupidly put something on Facebook about it. I didn't say his name or even make it out that it was about him however I shouldn't of put it on my Facebook. His mother messaged me and yelled at me for it, which I can understand since that is her child. The thing is her son refuses to acknowledge my child is his, but expects me to let him and his family be involved when they want to be. I have gone out of my way to travel to their home and tell them what they need or want to know about my son. They do not call me or text me, they do not offer help, they do not even offer emotional support. They want 50/50 custody without any commitment on their end. I explained this to his mom, and said that I am done being the one begging her son and her family to be involved in my child's life. At which she said it is my fault for not making him wear a condom. Yes I am fully aware that I am just as responsible as he is for my son's existence, and as she kindly put it it takes two to make a baby. But what she and her son apparently don't understand is that it also takes two to raise a baby. I have bought or found everything my son needs, on my own. I have gone to my appointments all on my own, and then have to ask them if they'd like to know what the doctor said at that appointment, I am suppose to figure out what the plan for custody is for when my son gets here, given his father lives two hours away. I have named my child etc. what I'm trying to get at is that while we did both create this child, I have been resorted to taking responsibility on my own for this child and him and his family see nothing wrong with that. This isn't his first child either, he's got a son who is about two years old. How he is treating me is how he treats that son's mom and she is fine with it. I however am not. I don't know how because I expect him to take as much responsibility as I do, makes me the bad guy. Yes I understand I did something stupid, and I have since then deleted the post, but everything else? How is it fair I'm suppose to do it on my own, and he can walk in and out of my son's life as he wishes?