Kyran Declan Grey

Erin • My prince born 2/2/15. Teen mom
My son was born Feb. 2, 2015! I started having contractions at like 1am but was able to sleep through them. At 3:30am I wokenup having one and after it tried to go back to sleep, maybe 10 minutes later another came and woke me up again.. I got up and started walking around and they started getting closer together and more painful. I had like 3 in a row that made me almost poop myself (better at home than while pushing right?) so I had to like hobble to the bathroom so I didn't have an accident. I started bouncing on my birthing ball and after a good half hour my contractions were so painful I couldn't really do much but kind of moan through them. I was still unsure whether I was actually in labor or not so I decided to walk laps around my house. They got so painful to the point that I was hysterically crying through them at this point. I went and woke my mom up and told her I was in labor for real this time. She got up and got ready for work anyways (I started preterm contractions at 26 weeks) in case it wasn't the real deal so she didn't have to call out and I would be delivering at the hospital she works at anyways. So finally about 6am I went to L&D, she went and got dressed out for work. They got me in and checked me, I was 4cm and 100%! They admitted me and started bolusing fluids so that I could get my epidural. I had to be given a zofran because my contractions were making me nauseous they hurt so bad. I got my epidural around 9:30am, 6 hours after my labor started... I progressed really quickly, I was a 9 at 1pm, my water broke at 1:05pm, I was a 10 at 1:08pm, started pushing at 1:10pm, 7 contractions and 14 minutes later my baby was born at 1:24pm!! 7 pounds 14 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long! I was 39 weeks and 4 days when I delivered! Had a second degree tear, and I think that was the worst part about my labor/delivery. I am extremely lucky to have had such a quick and easy labor with this being my first child! My doctor and nurses all joked with me saying with my next baby at the first sign of labor I need to go to the hospital if I have any hopes of an epidural again with how quickly baby K came!