Marriage advice! I don't know you guys, so you won't be biased!

Okay so my husband and I hot married four years ago. When we got together I made it clear to I'm I wanted more kids ( I have one from a previous marriage). I wanted to try as soon as we got married and he agreed. On our wedding night, we ended up having a fight because he changed his mind on trying that night and was mad st me for asking. He said we would try on our honeymoon. Then on our honeymoon we didn't try. For the next two years he made tasks for me to compete until we started trying again. He made me pay off all credit cards, told me he wanted to wait till I was done with school. The. He wanted to wait till he finished school, then he wanted to wait till he found a new job, then he wanted to wait till he settles into the new job. All the time money was never a problem. And I already had the job I wanted. Finally after two years we start trying, but he won't make love with me when I'm ovulating. A year later (after many fights) he finally tells me he was never ready for kids, and he had to keep lying to me about it or I wouldn't have married him. I forgive him, again, and then we actually try for another year, fighting of and on to find time to try. I know I should stop tryig until we stop fighting, but the whole reason we fight is because I want more kids so badly. Being a mom is my calling, I'm almost 30, and my son is almost 10...I don't want to wait longer! Know I had to fight with him about going to a fertility clinic with me. Turns out he has antibodies which make it super hard to conceive. He looks at me and tells me he's surprised it's not my fault we can't have kids. For half a year he refuses to take anything to help his condition, but constantly brings up items that I should take to help us conceive. Now I don't even want kids with him anymore, and he is upset I want to stop trying. I told him I would try if he actually bought something to help his "men". He still hasnt. Also, he works night and I told him I want him on days so we can actually have time to try. He won't go in days. I told him we are going to stop trying, I am going on birth control, and this whole relationship is a distaster. What do I do :( I'm so upset and confused and angry! Am I overreacting at times too? Or is he just a jerk?